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Chicken Sunday

Chicken Sunday (1992) is a children's book that  tells a heartwarming story of how to care for others and

celebrate the best parts of humanity.

The story follows a young girl Patricia and her self appointed brothers, Winston and Stewart, as they celebrate Sundays with the boys' grandmother, Miss Eula. The children try to save for an Easter bonnet for Miss Eula, but they dont have financial means, so they take a trip to Mr. Kodinski's Hat shop where Mr. Kodinski accuses them of being vandals. Miss Eula encourages the children to empathize with Mr. Kodinski and do something kind for him to prove they have no ill will. Patricia shows Winston and Stewart how to make Ukrainian eggs which they give to Mr. Kodinski as a gift. Mr. Kodinski, seeing he was wrong, urges the children to sell the beautiful eggs in his store and they raise enough money to buy Miss Eula her hat.

Snow White and Rose Red

These designs were based on the Snow White and Rose Red fairytale from Brothers Grimm

and have been re-imagined with an Inuit inspired twist. 

Personal Art

More available on Instagram: @thesequoyahcreative

Figure Drawings and Animal Studies

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